Because an Ordinary Life is not Enough

Learn what it really takes to succeed BIG. In this intensely inspiring and powerful book, you will learn what it takes to truly transform your life.

  • Create more success, money, happiness, health, love, & adventure.
  • Discover top strategies to harness your innate powers.

Learn to tap into the power of your mind from a true master with a proven track record of a Run Across America (100 marathons in 100 days) and a World Record run through Death Valley. What's that have to do with success? MINDSET! Everything starts and is sustained with the right Mindset. 

You will understand how to break through your limitations, challenges, and resistance with the impenetrable mindset of a champion. You will think like a champion and act like a champion to unleash your inner champion. Isn’t it time you transform your life into an extraordinary success story?

• What It Really Takes to Succeed BIG

• Unleash Your True Greatness

• Transform Your Life

• Break Through to Uncommon Success

by Croix Sather

Dream Big Act Big by Croix Sather (book cover)

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Life will only get better if you get better. Do the same thing over and over can only get you the same results. For life to change, you must change. Dream Big Act Big will show you how to create your own extraordinary success story. 


Dream Big Act Big will motivate you, but motivation fades. This book will inspire you deep to your soul so that you have the internal self-directed motivation to create an amazing life and accomplish your biggest goals.

      • Harness Self Motivation
      • How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals
      • Find Your Passion
      • How to Own Your Greatness
      • Discover Your Success Blueprint
      • Break Old Patterns Keeping You Stuck
      • Create New Empowering, Powerful Habits

How can I say that about Dream Big Act Big?

  • It is written to speak directly to your conscious and subconscious mind. The magic is the way it is written to reach your subconscious mind because that is that part of the mind that controls most of what you do or don't do. If you want significant improvements in your life, the only way to do it is by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Otherwise you will simply keep rerunning your old programs in your life. 
Scott WellsFounder of "Independence Regained" & US Paracycling National Champion

​16 yrs ago I had returned from my 3rd deployment with the US Navy when I was hit by a drunk driver and began a new journey as a person with Quadriplegia. The next few years I worked to regain my independence and working with others to live their dreams as well. First as an independent Living Specialist and founder of my own non profit, Independence Regained, Inc.

After listening to you speak on your Run Across America tour and reading your Dream Big Act Big book inspired me to take the next step which was to ride my handcycle across Louisiana as a fundraising event for Independence Regained.

Since then I have continued living my dreams as a speaker and certified Dream Builder coach helping others to realize and live their dreams and an aspiring US Paralympic athlete ranked #5 in the nation in 2014 and will be competing again in the US Paracycling National Championship this Memorial Day weekend in Chattanooga, TN

Note: Since this testimonial, Scott won the next competition to become the US Paracycling Champion.

I had no idea what I was going to face the day I met Croix Sather, it was a fluke he was coming into town the same day I found out I had stage four cancer. Croix is my hero, without him even knowing my story he inspired the champion in me. He has faced adversities and continues to find the inner strength to press forward; and has inspired me to do the same, by not giving up, speaking positive and owning my inner champion.

The greatest part about Croix is his passion to share his knowledge. He wants to give everyone a chance to embrace their magnificence, their inner champion. I am forever grateful for his spirit. He has changed my life and made my journey, no matter how tough, a much better journey than I could have imagined. Best part, is you can get the same inspiration in his book, Dream Big Act. Thank you Croix! You’re a rockstar!

Renee SheehyLas Vegas, NV
Jill HartmenSan Diego, CA

Croix Sather’s “Dream Big, Act Big” book is one of the nest self-help/motivation books I have read. He drives it home to ‘WAKE UP’ to this wonderful gift we have called LIFE to live out YOUR uniquely designed purpose for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Page 13 book excerpt

This I Believe

YOU, yes YOU are made for greatness. You were born for it and it’s your birthright. While anyone can be great, very few ever do anything to become great. This means that you are special. You are curious and hungry to find your greatness. You are investing your time to read, learn, and grow. When you continue down this path of personal transformation and personal potential, you will reach levels of greatness far beyond what you can imagine at this moment.

© Croix Sather

You have so much potential in you. It truly is amazing. And you know it is true. You can feel it in your gut. It’s unexplainable, but you know it is true. is truth resonates down to your soul. In Dream Big Act Big, you will learn how to harness that greatness. When you adopt and apply these laws of success into your life, it will take o in unimaginable ways. I know this because you were attracted to this book, and it means you are already connected to your potential. Now get reading, learn how to harness your awesomeness, and make it happen. I believe in you.

Page 15 book excerpt

Stand Tall and Run Boldly Through Life

We can go blindly through life. We can say, “Poor me” and “Why don’t I get a break?” We can blame the economy, the weather, or our stupid boss. We can play life as a loser or a victim, and blame our circumstances.

Or we can stand tall and run boldly through life – our eyes wide open, a smile so big that we catch mosquitoes in our teeth, a laughter so infectious most will think we lost it – making it an amazing journey and screaming, “ This is freakin’ awesome!”

We can Dream Big & Act Big.

  • Life is a one-shot deal.
  • No do-over, I-wasn’t-ready, or best-out-of-three.
  • You get one chance!

The great news is that each day is a chance to start fresh. Each day you can begin as if it were a new start. Because the fact is ... each day IS a new start. Regardless of where you are or what you have experienced yesterday or decades ago. It is never too late to make your life amazing and to create a legacy, as did many late in life. A few of my favorites are Granny D, who walked across America at 88 years old for her political cause; Grandma Moses, who became a world-acclaimed 

painter at 78 with one of her paintings still hanging in the White House; Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC franchise; and Diana Nyad, who, on her fifth attempt at age 64, became the first person to swim from Cuba to the United States without a shark cage.

You’ve had moments of brilliance and you’ve had moments of being a superstar. So why is it that you haven’t achieved everything you want? You’re missing parts of the formula. Most people fall into one of two traps that keep them from their dreams: fear or sabotage. They are afraid to dream big and act big. Or they act big and then sabotage their success.

It actually goes deeper than fear and sabotage. Pull back the layers of an onion and you get to the core. For most of us, we have the same core. And that core keeps us from the success we want because it is the default self-preservation program. You can let your default programming win, and keep struggling in life, merely surviving, or you can take charge of your life and thrive. Want to be a millionaire? It’s possible for you. Want to be wildly, madly, and passionately in love? You can have that too. Want to be health and t like a twenty- year-old at any age? Hell yeah, that can be done too. You can have all of this and more.

© Croix Sather


If you are not thrilled with Dream Big Act Big, now worries, Just send us an email and we will refund your money. But, I've got to tell you, that has never happened. You'd be the first. 

Page 148 book excerpt

What All Superstars Do

All superstars have one quality in common. You won’t read many articles about it. You won’t see it in many interviews and you won’t hear many people talking about it because it’s not Hollywood or glamorous. At least not to most people. But it is incredibly glamorous and even sort of sexy to those who lead an incredible life of adventure because they know it is one of the most important and common attributes in superstars and icons.

Imagine that every year of your life, you got better. Every year, you became smarter, and every year, you were always on top of your game. How amazing would life be if you were always improving?

The Japanese business culture calls this Kaizen. It means constant and never-ending improvement and change for the better. Japanese businesses aim for small and incremental steps as a means of making incredible products. Here is the magical part. In the process of small and incremental change, each new improvement builds on past improvement and it begins to amplify all previous improvements. Plus, some significant leaps occur as a result of constant and never-ending improvement.

Dream Big Act BigIn my seminars, I teach a version of this called One Degree of Change. If you do not improve your life, by default you will regress. Take, for example, your health and physical fitness. If you do not exercise and strengthen your muscles, your muscles will atrophy and get weaker, and your health will deteriorate. is is the same for relationships, career, and emotional fortitude.

If you are not growing, you are dying.

One degree of change means improving one thing just a little bit. An increment of one degree of improvement may not mean much in the moment, but over time, it grows and grows, making for massive amounts of change. Then add another degree of change on top of that previous change and stretch that out over time and it becomes more than double the results. Keep adding regular change and improvement and soon you are living the life of your dreams and it took seemingly little effort because it was the result of a lot of little steps of growth.

© Croix Sather

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Life will only get better if you get better. Do the same thing over and over can only get you the same results. For life to change, you must change. Dream Big Act Big will show you how to create your own extraordinary success story.